360˚ Magnetic Breakaway Clasp

We know our feline friends love to roam.

It’s in their nature. 

Maybe they head off regularly to explore the neighborhood  or simply insist on examining in detail what’s happening in each room in our home. 


We respect their right to follow their noses and roam independently.


And yet, as responsible cat parents, we also need to know they’re safe.

We want them to have as much freedom as possible to do what cats do.

But we also need to consider that the worst could happen and ensure we do everything we can to protect them from harm.

 For many reasons, it makes sense for your cat to wear a collar.

It identifies them as having a home, and, let’s face it, a cute, high-quality collar just looks great.

 But many of us are still reluctant to put collars on our cats in fear of getting caught on a branch or other hazard and being unable to break free.

If that happens, your cat won’t stop and consider the best way to extricate itself.

It will pull, it will panic, it will twist its body and head wildly.

The collar may wind even more tightly around its throat.

Unable to escape, your cat will be at risk of further harm.

And due to its distressed state, it will be difficult for a human to get close enough to set it free without risk of injury.


No cat lover can bear the idea of their beloved pet in such a predicament, terrified and at serious risk of injury or – God forbid – death.


 Of course, you’re probably thinking - these days, most cat collars have a breakaway catch for safety.

And you’re right.

But how effective are they?

 The truth is that for several reasons, they may be useless in the event of an emergency.

  • Most breakaway catches are made to fit cats that weigh between 14lbs and 20lbs. If your cat is bigger or smaller, or if it’s still growing, typical catches may just not work. The fact is that an 8lb cat won’t have enough body weight to open the clasp by pulling itself free. And the awful thing is, you can’t know this for sure - until it’s too late.


  • Most breakaway catches are designed to open only when pulled in one certain direction. And as we’ve said, a cat won’t calmly stop to release the catch easily, so even if the clasp is working correctly, the poor creature may stay trapped and terrified.


  • A cat's weight will change as it grows to adulthood and throughout their lives. A one-size-fits-all collar with a breakaway clasp can soon be outgrown and become uncomfortable.


  • Just as you don’t like wearing clothes that don’t fit properly, your cat won’t appreciate a collar that’s too tight or a breakaway clasp that’s too bulky and heavy.


  • Typical plastic breakaway clasps just don’t look good or sit comfortably as the extra fabric is incorporated into the collar to allow it to open.


  • As cat lovers ourselves, we were never 100% comfortable with the breakaway clasps on the market – even those included with high-end, premium leather collars. We knew there had to be a better alternative.

So, we gave up the search and embarked on our mission: to give every cat parent the peace of mind they’ll get from knowing that their beloved pet will be able to break free of its collar and escape if needed.

Every cat deserves to have a high-quality collar with a breakaway clasp that grows when they do.

Finally, we created the ultimate solution that will keep felines safer and cat parents happy, knowing that their pets could escape from any hazards that their collar got caught on.


We patented our unique 360o Magnetic Breakaway Clasp.


What makes it such a game-changer in terms of breakaway clasp design?

We approached the challenge from two angles: a technological viewpoint and a feline viewpoint.

Firstly, we made sure the clasp would break open from any direction. 

Unlike cheap breakaway collars, it doesn’t rely on force to come apart -the 360o Magnetic Breakaway Clasp is cleverly designed to open at any angle. 

 We ensured that it performed consistently no matter how it was pulled.

So when your cat is stuck and likely writhing to break free,

Any panic will be over in seconds, and your best friend can come strolling back home safely, sans collar but happy to see you!

360o Magnetic Breakaway Clasp is made in different versions according to the weight class of your pet.


So, from day one, the clasp will be the right size.


For the comfort of your pet, we ensured that the clasp itself is super-small, light, and unobtrusive, with the surface area of a dime and the thickness of three dimes.

The magnet is held firmly in a recess in the clasp.

This aligns the two parts of the mechanism and prevents them from sliding apart by accident. 

There are even two different pull forces on the 360o Magnetic Breakaway Clasp that you can adjust as your cat grows and gains weight.

All you need to do is unscrew the ring and change the non-magnetic side.

No need to buy a new collar or clasp.

And when we were finally satisfied that we’d created our signature breakaway clasp, we incorporated it into our fabulous range of luxury leather collars.

You choose the best for yourself, and it’s only natural that you want the same quality for your beloved pets.

For the joy they bring into your life, don’t they deserve it?

It makes perfect sense to spoil them with the ultimate safe and stylish accessory to display with cattitude on their next stroll around the neighborhood.

And you can smile to yourself in the knowledge that they’ll soon be safely home with you.

Want to know more about our Purring Paws range? 

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