Cat Collar Safety

A Safer, More Stylish Breakaway Cat Collar

Releases in any direction: Our clasp is magnetic and will release in any direction a cat pulls. Mechanical clasps made of plastic are designed to release in only one direction and increase a cat's struggle.

Adjustable to the Cat's weight: A stuck cat will pull with its body weight against the collar. Matching the breakaway clasp to the cat's weight is essential to ensure safety. With one screw you can change one side of the clasp to reduce or increase the pull force.

Stylish and Stainless: Polished stainless steel finish standard. Limited edition with nickel finish available on traditional styled reversible collars.

Streamlined and light weight: Our clasp is the thickness of three US quarters and weighs around 2 US dimes. No more clunky ugly plastic clasps.

Patented: Our approach is so unique we have international patents pending.

Design and Leather Craftmanship

Genuine Cowhide Leathers Tanned in America

Crafted in America: Our leather is crafted in Oregon by a 3rd generation family company that specializes in high end purses and leather accessories.

High Quality Leathers: Our leathers are genuine cowhide leather tanned in America to the highest standards. Our leathers will become more supple with time. A richer patina will develop as the leather contacts the oils in the cat's coat.

Small Batches: Our collars are made in small batches and so our selection varies. Sign up for our in stock alerts to know when new styles are released.

15 Day Return Policy

Wondering if our Photoshop skills are better than our products? We will take that challenge!

Can't decide on which collar to buy and want to see a few?

We have a 15 day return policy on all collars so you can touch and see our products. If you want to return them, contact us within 15 days, we will send you a shipping label, you reuse the original packaging, drop the package off, and send us your thoughts for our improvement. Simple and easy.